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"Here, it is boring, incredibly boring, so boring I can’t believe it’s true." — Greta Garbo describing her life in Hollywood in 1926.


Truisms (1984) by Jenny Holzer
Anonymous said: Isn't your partner white?

partner here (@commerciallyviable): I’ve been around white people long enough to know that all of them are racist. Even the ones that aren’t explicit about it demonstrate preference for white people, and prejudice against, as well as a general lack of empathy and understanding for people outside of their race. I am also racist. When someone calls me out on it, or when I hear/read about the shitty things white people say/do to people of color that I’ve said/done/thought in the past, I try to correct that behavior. I don’t try to defend it or deny it. Racism is an institution. It is a system that permeates every aspect of our lives, that perpetuates an imbalance between white people and everyone else. This is ingrained in our national psyche. America is a country built on slavery, and the logical gymnastics undertaken by our so-called freedom-loving god-fearing forefathers to justify the ownership of other human beings includes a prejudiced rhetoric which has been past down from generation to generation, and continues in a diluted (but not very diluted) form today. Racism is white people’s fault. White people have to fix it. And this comes not by pointing over there and saying “those guys are racist lets get em” but by looking critically at our own thoughts and actions. White people who complain about “reverse racism” or talk of privilege on tumblr, even those who are subtle about it, are not being honest with themselves. So yeah, I’m white, but my partner has every right to complain about white people. They’ve been shitty to her all of her life. Not just by saying and doing ridiculously callous and hurtful shit to her face, but by implementing and propping up systems which inherently put her at a disadvantage.

tl;dr #stopwhitepeopleforever

sorry this was so long, I’ve felt this way for a while and this is the first time I wrote it all out.

moralpanicc: get off anon or fuck off, kthxbye

quick like warning, PSA thing

i’m having a lot of anti-white feels at the mo (they kind of come and go) and obvs I can’t just go screaming at white people on the street (because they’ll probs just kill me) so right now, i’m using tumblr as an outlet for this anger.

i’m really not in the mood to hear “well, you can’t fight hate with hate” or “this doesn’t make you any better than those who are racist against black people”, so if you’re not into it, unfollow me for a while. or actually forever. 

for everyone else, if you don’t want to see viciously angry rants because you’re just having a difficult/sensitive time, please feel free to hide/block my posts for a few days.

this has been your warning. 

(also: just content warning for racist/classist posts i may be reblogging)


If you use the adjective “white” to describe a person to aid in vilifying them, you are a fucking low life who’s only exasperating racial tensions only to make yourself look “cool” and “edgy” in tumblr’s fucked up view.

If you think this is “karma” or “just desserts” or whatever so that we “whites” can know what it’s like, then fuck you. Change isn’t an eye for an eye, it’s recognising the issue and working together to fix it. This isn’t fixing shit.

You are apart of the problem if you do this. You are no better than any other racist, no matter how “socially acceptable” your racism is.

Stop acting like children.

so you’re saying that people being “mean” to whities on tumblr is the same as systemic discrimination against PoCs? Someone saying, “white people need to fucking stop *insert stupid bullshit here*” on a website that YOU CAN AVOID is the same as the enslavement of an entire people? An exasperated PoC (who is only upset because ignorant shit like this STILL IS BEING SAID) saying “fuck white people”, is the same as the almost daily killings of PoC by law enforcement officers (who are mostly white)?

PLEASE fucking check yourself.

PoC aren’t trying to be “cool” or “edgy” by “vilifying” white people. They are fucking angry that even now, even in TWO THOUSAND FUCKING FOURTEEN they have to be scared to walk down the street, can expect to be imprisoned for the same crimes white people get off on, have shorter life spans, make 20k less than white people, have their culture either stolen or condemned, and countless other things that are the result of SYSTEMIC RACISM.

SYSTEMIC RACISM that white people constantly try to cover up while, even though there are constantly benefiting from it.

PoC have a right to be fucking frustrated and call white people out on their privilege ESPECIALLY when dickwads like this are constantly trying silence them and DENY their privilege.

It is not PoC’s responsibility to “work with you” to “fix it”. PoC don’t have anything to fix. White people are the ones who fucked up. Last I checked, we didn’t push ourselves down the socioeconomic ladder. Last I fucking checked, we didn’t enslave ourselves. LAST I MOTHERFUCKING CHECKED we didn’t throw ourselves in prison at rates 10x that of white people. white people did that. wp should fucking fix it. Meanwhile, we’ll be handling the obstacles white people put in our way (not to mention a plethora of ignorant ass comments/question, and let’s not forget the stereotypes) with extraordinary grace and patience.

Fuck white people

Call me a racist if you want to, bitch. if you don’t know the difference between racism and bullying, you have a fucking problem.